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The Trip that Strengthens Your Marriage

What exactly is a 'MarriageMoon?'

Basically, it's an excuse to get away, together. 'Away' may mean the next town over or hopping over to the neighboring continent. Either way, it's the chance to enhance your already planned trip with your spouse/partner.

The idea came about when Chelsea Turner Avery, the creator, asked her Nana and Papa one thing they do regularly in order to remain happily married for 65+ years.

Their answer?

Take a honeymoon every year.

She and her husband interpreted this as a strict, non-negotiable part of their marriage agreement. They shall embark on a honeymoon every single year and they've been doing this since 2010!

They started to get in the routine of asking each other certain things, reminiscing and looking towards the future on these annual trips together. This then spurred the term 'MarriageMoon' since they were no longer newlyweds on a honeymoon but rather a deeply intertwined married couple.

So, how does MarriageMoon work?

  • MarriageMoon is your 3-day guide that comes along on ANY TRIP, ANYWHERE!
  • It works best when it's solely the two of you on the trip - no kids, no friends, no family along
  • There are intimacy-building activities to do briefly in the morning and at night
  • There are 'Ace Dates' each day (to be discovered once your MarriageMoon arrives)
  • It's designed to complement your trip, not an added 'to-do'

Who is MarriageMoon For?

  • For any committed couple looking to recharge their love battery (might be corny but it's accurate)
  • For couples who are generally in a good spot in their relationship but want to increase connection
  • For couples who enjoying traveling and exploring together
  • For couples who are fun, can laugh together and want to add a fun dynamic to their trip
  • Also makes a fun bridal shower or wedding gift (comes to you gift-giving-ready)!

Who is MarriageMoon NOT For?

  • Couples who can't stand the sight of each other
  • Couples who are using this as their last ditch effort (couples counseling is awesome to work through deeper things)
  • Racist, bigoted, homophobic people

Love each other wholly,

kiss deeply and

 explore intentionally.

Meet the Creator

Chelsea Turner Avery, a social worker and entrepreneur, has had a love affair with travel since she can remember. She was determined to find a partner who loved traveling as much as her. They make it their priority to take a honeymoon (or MarriageMoon, if you will) every year together!

She knew she wanted to combine her love of travel with helping couples feel closer, have more fun and feel more fulfilled in their marriage. Thus, MarriageMoon came into existence!

Chelsea has Master’s Degree in Social Work and co-founded AveryToday, Inc., the communication consulting business with her husband, Ryan Avery, in 2012. 

Fun Fact: They are the youngest couple to professionally speak on every continent (including Antarctica)!

She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Ryan and their hilarious children, Atlas and Zürich. She spends most of her time hanging with her family, finding all opportunities to snack and working with people to reawaken their authentic selves and step wholly into their lives. She believes a warm chocolate chip cookie can solve most problems, at least temporarily.

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