Explore the world. Drink the wine. Kiss. A lot.
Come home feeling more connected and less like roommates because of MarriageMoon™

How Does MarriageMoon™ Work Exactly?

  • It’s the 3-day guide that comes along on your trip – it’s light and small
  • MarriageMoon™ can be done in any location – preferably not where you live
  • It works best when it’s solely the two of you on the trip – no kids, no friends, no family along
  • MarriageMoon takes less than 45 minutes each day, spread throughout the day so it’s fun and not overwhelming
  • There’s an element of prior planning you each will do before your trip – you’ll like it, promise!
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The Benefits of MarriageMoon

Discover new strategies to feel closer
MarriageMoon is specifically designed for couples who value quality time together but may not always get it because life is busy. Fulfilling marriages don't happen by chance, they happen by choice! Incorporate new and fun aspects to your relationship, even after the trip ends!
Travel Together with a Deep Purpose
Lots of time and energy goes into planning your trip. Adding MarriageMoon to your trip will help you reengage with each other and get back on the same page. You will return home with a renewed sense of passion and appreciation for your marriage! Make that 'travel high' last even longer!
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Consider new perspectives
Most of us are not taught how to healthily communicate nor how to create deeper intimacy. MarriageMoon will do this in an easy and profound way that relates to both women and men.
MarriageMoon complements your trip
Part of the fun of traveling is the spontaneity and adventure! That's why MarriageMoon can be done in any location and takes less than 45 minutes spread through the 3 days! It doesn't overrule your trip but enhances it.
Marriage doesn’t work unless you do
Myth: when we find ‘the one,’ our relationship should be easy, fun and effortless.


Fact: spending time together on your relationship IS what leads to more fun and more of that effortless feeling!